Many of our clients have property portfolios which require an organised approach to asbestos management.  Salvus Environmental Services can undertake surveys across a diverse range of property types and manage the process on your behalf.

Using a web-based software portal, we can manage asbestos across an entire property portfolio. We will provide you with live interactive access which allows you to view items such as asbestos reports, the site diaries, air test certificates and bulk analysis reports.

Information is readily available on specially designed screens, with clear navigation and extensive search and filtering tools. Access can be given to clients, any assigned partners or contractors to ensure asbestos information is readily available, anytime, anywhere.



  • Full management of entire portfolio
  • Risk assessment criteria in accordance with HSG 264 and HSG227
  • Secure access with complete visibility of data
  • Accessible from any location, via computer, portable device or phone
  • Storage of policy documents, management plans and removal documents
  • Entirely web-based
  • Interactive live access to asbestos survey reports, site diaries, air test certificates and bulk analysis certificates
  • Unlimited users with varying levels of access including super users and read only users
  • Professional back up and disaster recovery
  • Full support service


Main features include:

  • Compliance overview
  • Interactive documents including survey reports, management plans, asbestos registers
  • Priority and material risk assessment scores
  • Live and up to date survey progress reports
  • Search to instantly view reports
  • Assign restriction notes to a particular building
  • Detailed sample information with scoring and photographs
  • Data easily extracted in multiple formats
  • Full activity traceability of all users for auditing purposes


Our portal meets the requirements of UK legislation and is based upon HSG264-The Survey Guide and The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


To speak to one of our asbestos management experts, call us on 01159 376518 or complete the Contact Form.

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